Wood Roof Problems

Has your roof been switched from a Wood Roof to a Composition Roof?

Did you know your home has a higher risk of MOLD?

Did you know that your roof warranty is probably VOID?

Wood roofs are naturally self ventilating and don’t hold as much heat. Wood roofs “breathe” letting heat and dangerous moisture escape. Wood roofs also hold less heat and cause less radiant heat transfer into the home.

When your roof was replaced with standard deck and composition shingle roof, it “sealed” in the attic. This is like parking your car in the hot sun with the windows rolled up. The Result? A much hotter attic!!…And Home.

Your attic ventilation needs to be upgraded. Especially the intake ventilation or Soffit Vents. Your home should have approximately one soffit vent every six to eight feet under the eaves. Many older home built with wood roof have ZERO intake vents. In addition, your current roof warranty is probably VOID without proper ventilation.

Many people have noticed their A/C unit cannot keep up after having a wood roof replaced. This is a result of two things: First, because of the heat build-up in the attic it is “radiating” heat into your living space. Secondly, you air ducts are now in a much hotter environment. This causes the air ducts to be warmer and the A/C unit to run less efficiently.

Since your roof was originally wood, you may have triangular vents several places around your house. These vents are called “gable vents” and they worked well for wood roofs, but can cause problems with a composition roof. The main problem is that they will now tend to act as an “intake” vent rather than an exhaust vent if they aren’t located in the upper third of the attic. This can be VERY SERIOUS. There is a higher risk that moisture can condense in the lower parts of the attic leading to potentially dangerous MOLD, MILDEW AND WOOD ROT. Read this article about the dangers of mixed exhaust!!