Spray-On & Foil Insulation Radiant Barrier

Looking for help for hot homes in Dallas-Ft. Worth & Houston?

Trying to find out what is the difference between Radiant Barrier Spray and Radiant Barrier Foil?
Both the spray and the foil “Reflect” radiant heat. The spray can reflect up to 75% and the Foil will reflect about 97%. Foil is actually the “Best” radiant barrier.

Foil is the best and most cost effective way to go whether you staple it to the rafters or lay out radiant barrier over the existing insulation. For complete information comparing the benefits of radiant barrier foil insulation to radiant barrier spray paint visit www.AtticFoil.com


What Is a Spray-On Radiant Barrier?
Spray-On Radiant Heat Barrier is essentially a “liquid foil”. We all know that foil is a heat barrier. There are many brands of paint and have different performance characteristics. The best are water-based low-e paint called HeatBloc-75 made by STS Coatings or Radiance e.25. made by BASF. It CAN be a good product if installed correctly. However, foil is indisputable for out performing radiant barrier spray paint. Read this report from RIMA for complete comparisons of radiant barrier paint.


Do-It-Yourself Radiant Barrier Foil
If you like Do-It-Yourself projects, consider installing a Radiant Barrier Foil. The radiant barrier foil actually blocks over 95% of the radiant heat (better than the spray type) and is fairly easy to install. Visit our “Foil Only” website where you can learn more about radiant barrier foil. The site has great information geared for anybody interested in installing foil insulation themselves. Click here to learn more or purchase Radiant Barrier Foil.