Spray Foam Insulation

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

You have only ONE CHANCE to build a home that is this energy efficient. A few home builders have embraced the idea of making an “Ultra Efficient Home.” What’s really amazing about an UEH is that it does not cost that much more to build a really efficient home if done correctly. For example: Would you spend $75/month MORE on your mortgage to REDUCE your electric bill by $200…Guaranteed? Of course you would. It’s happening everyday and you can see it in action. It’s true, you can build a 4000 square ft home for about $100/month in utilities.

Foam is sprayed between each wall stud.
Within seconds it expands 100 times to completely fill wall cavity.
All plumbing, electric and other penetrations are completely sealed inside the foam!
Virtually NO air will enter through these walls.
After spraying, the spray foam insulation is trimmed flush with the tops of the wall studs.

Advantages of an Energy Built Home

  • Ultra energy efficient
  • Absolute comfort throughout the home
  • Less air conditioning equipment needed
  • No fiberglass, cellulose or other messy insulation in the attic
  • Significant reduction in dust and constant humidity level
  • In non-vented attics the attic will never get above 85 degrees
  • Soundproofing – the home will be significantly quieter

A Great Investment

Energy prices are only going up. Can you imagine building a home with utility bills of only $50-$150/month? This is NOT new technology. Thousands of homes have been built using common sense techniques and superior products for over 15 years. Now, with energy prices rising, the payback starts day one. And, your home will have less dust, be quieter and be more comfortable.

Really want to up the efficiency? Combine radiant barrier and spray foam insulation for a supremely efficient home! More info here.