Radiant Barrier Foil for Attics – Do It Yourself!


What is Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation?


Radiant barrier insulation is a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce energy costs. Radiant barrier insulation reflects radiant heat energy instead of trying to absorb it.



A pure aluminum radiant barrier installed in your attic will reflect over 97% of the radiant heat entering your attic and then your home. This is NOT kitchen foil (kitchen foil is only about 20% aluminum, this is 99.5% pure aluminum). There must be an air space on one side of the Radiant Barrier Foil to be effective. Watch this short video summary on how it is installed:


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The Ultimate No-Tear Radiant Barrier Foil for the Do-It-YourSelfer! This is NOT Kitchen Foil:

  • Heavyweight Foil 28.6 Pounds per 1000 square ft.
  • Roll Size 48″ Wide.
  • Double Sided PERFORATED Foil. Perforated (tiny holes) foil allows moisture to pass through and will eliminate any moisture build-up or condensation.
  • Easy to install

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